Wine Making Supplies

Wine Making Supplies

6 gallon carboyWhen you get in to the wonderful world of making wine, you need to make sure that you every possible ingredient and piece of equipment is ready to rock, otherwise it can get very complicated and difficult to do properly. This means that when you decide to begin, you should be ticking off everything that you need to get started and create your own wines. It is worth remembering that you can create wine yourself that at the very least rivals commercial bottles, and can even exceed it if you know what to do.

Today, we want to give you a check list of all the wine making supplies that you will need to get started!


A carboy is necessary because it is the tool used to store the mixture that you are making for the wine. Usually made of glass, to avoid any splinters in the liquid, and they usually have very large bases, but a bottleneck style of neck. A good carboy will store around 6 gallons of wine, so you should only need one if you are only making wine for yourself. Probably one of the most important wine making supplies as it gives you somewhere to store it, somewhere reliable and built for this very process!

Wine Spoon

You need a large spoon as part of your wine making supplies kit, and by large we mean pretty huge. Stirring the witches’ pot big. It should be able to fit into your carboy and be able to stir without any hassle, very important part of the fermentation phase of the wine making is stirring it, as it stops it from becoming gloopy.

Storage Jug

You need somewhere to store all the wine making supplies and keep them sterilised and clean. Preferably get a glass jug, as glass is better than plastic or wood for sanitary issues, but if you cannot find a suitable jug that size then plastic will do.

Wine Corks

Vital for the end of the process. You want to use the best quality of composite cork you can get, rather than corks that have already been used. You can usually buy them for great deals if you buy in bulk, so you may as well add as many wine corks to your wine making supplies as possible. Remember to leave a .5 inch gap between the cork and the wine in the wine bottle; otherwise it can cause issues during fermentation. You will also need a corker to put it into the bottle, so keep your eyes peeled for a corker. Online kitchen supply stores sometimes carry corkers at good prices.


You need an airlock as it prevents air from seeping into your carboy and therefore allowing the carbon dioxide to escape. This is bad because the entire mixture can be ruined at a moment’s notice due to this, so make sure you pick up an airlock with your carboy, too.


A hydrometer is needed as it can determine the specific gravity of the wine during the fermentation processes. Very important step, so remember to pick one up!

There are some other tools you could perhaps use to make the job easier, like a thermometer designed for wine making – you can pick these up in specialist stores, as well as a “wine thief” which is used for taking wine samples from one carboy to the next., but the above is the list of must-haves when it comes to making wine, so please tick off each on your list of wine making supplies you need to get, and you are ready to become your very own wine connoisseur!